Thursday, January 21, 2016

Tip Shop Haul

I discovered the Darebin Resource Recovery Centre a few weeks ago and it instantly became my few favourite place to shop. 

It's a tip shop.

Basically tip shops are just piles of junk with hidden gems hidden inside awaiting you to find them. It's like a adult treasure hunt.

But not only do you get to find unusual amazing items, 
it reduces the amount of items that end up in land fill. 

My finds today !

ALL of their clothing excluding jackets are $1. ONE DOLLAR MY FRIEND.

This is actually a childs turtleneck, thankfully it fits ! 
The sleeves are a little short but that can be worked around. 

Oversized shirt - front + back

I love Australiana (the tackier the better), so this oversize polo is perfect.

I've kinda gotten addicted to layering.
I was never really big on earth tones but I find myself buying them more and more.

A (probably fake) Ralph Lauren polo.

And then these two jackets for $3 each. 

They don't just have clothes, but also every other household item you can imagine. 
Picked up some books for $2 each. 

I love the old style nature illustrations in encyclopedias. Had to have these two!

Six gothic tales - that cover got me. 

Today's outfit 

White top - Op Shop
Singlet - Secondhand off eBay
Shorts - Vintage
Boots - Vintage Dr Martens

My new favourite top, those earth tone stripes are just a dream. 


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