Sunday, April 17, 2016

' $2 shop ' Haul !

I always try and shop at independent cheap shops instead of the huge chains like Kmart, Daiso etc. 
( Support independent business ! )
It's great if you have an area with a couple nearby because a lot of the products can range hugely between stores so you can compare their ranges and prices. 

Total : $ 19.50

My two favourite incense scents : $ 1.50 each

Organising products :

Carabiner for my keys : $ 1.50 

Clear container : $ 2.95

Perfect for some of my sewing supplies, I liked how it has slightly bigger compartments instead of just all tiny ones. 

Door hook rack : $ 7.50

I love this thing ! I put it on my bedroom door and hang my backpack and keys on it when I get home. The perfect way to store extra bags especially is you have a lot of backpacks like me.

Going to pick up another for the bathroom door as well. 

Socks : $ 2

Ring : $ 2.50 

Both adorable ! The ring is super oversized as well which is great. 

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